She sits on the beach looking into the open sea

Sand beneath her toes

She reflects on how she came to be this Caribbean lady

And wonders if the sun could speak of what it has seen

Upon her, what stories of the Caribbean’s history would it bestow?

Published in Celebrated

  How many of us are at the bottom of the sea 

Dead bodies thrown overboard

Their battered souls finally free

Published in Nostalgia

We’re all seeking a simple solution

To rise from under the system

That’s an advocate of family separation

Published in Social Matters


Future Poet’s Whispers Of Real Desire Shared is Future Poet's first self-published book.  

The words within this book will take you on a poetical journey exploring issues of general life, love, current affairs and black history.

The poems you will read may make you smile or even cry, bring back memories or provoke your inner thinking. Either way when you finished reading you will have felt moved, enlightened and empowered.

Your mind will be definitely opened after reading this book and you will be left wanting more of Future Poet’s words. Click here to view a sample!

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Published in Future Poet's Books



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