She sits on the beach looking into the open sea

Sand beneath her toes

She reflects on how she came to be this Caribbean lady

And wonders if the sun could speak of what it has seen

Upon her, what stories of the Caribbean’s history would it bestow?

Published in Celebrated

Sometimes to protect yourself

You have to do things outside of your nature

Do things that cause people to hate you

Published in Food For Thought

We’re all seeking a simple solution

To rise from under the system

That’s an advocate of family separation

Published in Social Matters

My words can evoke emotion within you to the highest degree

I can tell you things about you that are so real

You'll wonder how I know or what I've seen

Published in Food For Thought

This is for mothers and fathers alike

As there are many of you absent in your children’s lives

Please don’t make your children false promises

Published in Social Matters

He pursued me with his words

 He acted on each and every verb

That he served with his lips

Published in Talking Heart

I’ve been tempted to tell you I love you

But I know that would make you leave

I’ve been tempted to kiss and hug you

Published in Talking Heart

 I love you

Because that’s what I do

I feel you

Published in Talking Heart



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