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State your obvious

My words can evoke emotion within you to the highest degree

I can tell you things about you that are so real

You'll wonder how I know or what I've seen


My words could soothe you

If that’s what you want

They could flow over your body

Like that feeling when sinking into warm bath water

They could cover and comfort you

Like the highest tog duvet in winter

If that's what you want


My words can make you tingle

Like soft kisses in the depth and crease of your neck

Like soft finger tipped strokes in the curve of your back

Creating a sensation in nether regions

I can have your pulse racing

If that’s what you want


My words can make you feel like crumbling

They can be chest thumping, heartbreaking

Like an ice pick to a block of ice


To turn you to slush

If that’s what you want


My words can set you on fire

Enrage you

Take you to a place you've never been

Drive you to consider and reconsider your next move

I can take my words and ride your last nerve until I bury you

If that's what you want


My words can sympathise and empathise with you

They can see your point of view

Reason through matters with you

Guide and help you to find a better way

If that’s what you want


My words can make you smile

Have you feeling like you're the only one in the world

I can make you laugh until your cheeks hurt

And you cry tears of joy

If that's’ what you want


My words can love you like they were my actions

I can tell you things

And you'd instantly feel like I’ve done them

I can whisper to your soul

All the things you've ever wanted to know and hear

Trust me, I can take you there

If that's what you want


So state your obvious

Choose your response

You're talking to a a writer

You could become my subject

If you want


Copyright Future Poet All rights reserved

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