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Best Interest

Sometimes to protect yourself

You have to do things outside of your nature

Do things that cause people to hate you

 Succeed where they assumed you’d be a failure

Become more in tune with you

With your time and energy

Become more selfish and less selfless

Because it’s in your best interest


Sometimes you want to say I need you

Be and feel vulnerable

But pride becomes your trouble

And with your feelings you struggle

But remain humble

As you suffer in silence

And feel worthless in your purpose

A victim of your prides violence

And you become momentarily hopeless

Because it’s in your best interest


Sometimes you share your opinions

But not necessarily your feelings

You could say how you really are when asked the question

But doubt saying the words would change your situation

So you reply I’m good thanks

To avoid all topics of conversation

You’ve started to listen more and talk less

Because it’s in your best interest


Sometimes as a poet

I feel I could write more on a subject

Give the reader more feeling in the content

Make my perspective clearer

As I dip in and out of contexts

But that would give away too much of me

To people I would not once ever meet

So I write a little less

Because that’s what in my best interest



Copyright Future Poet © October 2015 All rights reserved.

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