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Whats left?

When you’ve given up completely because all your efforts have failed what's left?

 When you’ve moved every mountain in front of your happiness and you're left with a small rock which is too heavy to shift, what's left?

When you are in fingertip reach of your happiness and but still can't touch it what's left?

 When you’ve done all you can in terms of kindness to others in hope that the universe would return your good deed back on you but doesn't, what's left?

When you’ve cried tears of frustration and anger, unhappiness and pain and you have nothing more to pour out of you, what's left?

When you’ve even laughed in the face of your adversities and you’re still left with  more fucking adversities, what the fuck is left?

When you’ve dodged that black cloud of depression so many times that you no longer have the energy to run from it anymore ,what's left?

When your own existence is tired of existing what's left?

When your strength is sapped from within you like the water from leaves on trees in autumn what's left?

When there is no more optimism and only pessimistic thoughts exist, what’s left?

When happiness is no longer looking like your friend but more like your enemy ,because it just seems so unrealistic and unobtainable, what's left?

What's left when you take nothing away from nothing?  

When you're tired of being tired and have tried your damnedest to change everything that makes you unhappy what the fuck is left?

When you have no faith left in mankind what's left?

When all you need is hug when your negative thoughts are consuming you and you can't even get that!

What's left?


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