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I am you

 My young sister

It’s not too late

There is still time

To repair the damage you have caused

There is still time

To slow down and pause

To take a moment and recall

That I live and breathe upon you

I know my importance is easy to forget

But I clothe and encase what is you

I’m the outer layer of you

I first and foremost represent you

I’m what you are judged by

I am you


Sometimes it seems I’m unkind

But the environment, the chemicals

All that is unnatural

And some of what you digest

Will make me regress from my natural self

There are parts of me you fail to appreciate

And then complain about their appearance

Whilst using the word hate


But what hurts me most young sister

Is that you have fallen victim to being a material being

Painting parts of me is no longer just on special occasions

For me now it’s a daily frustration

I can’t breathe anymore is what I’m saying

When I rise up in spots

Fade in parts creating blotches

I’m feeling unwanted

Becoming dry and broken

To you

These are the only ways my damage can be spoken


Please see me as a living organism

I am important to you

I am one of your five senses

I am your skin

I will be with you longer than all the latest trends

Take care of all me

Because I am all of you

Be proud of me and love me

So I can do the same for you


Copyright © Future Poet All rights reserved


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