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No more can I stand to see

Black warriors falling like leaves

From the branches of life's autumn trees

Published in Nostalgia

How do you manage your list of things to do? I've been told time and time again not to hold lists of things to do in my head and to write stuff down so I don't forget. That makes logical sense to me. But it doesn’t seem to work for me. The problem I have with this is that once I've written it down, it feels as though the tasks are accomplished! And this makes no sense I know!

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I've always thought I was average height. Maybe this thinking all these years was to mentally comfort myself because I'm still the same height I was at 14. I’m 5.4” and proud!  However I'm being overshadowed by my 12 year old son. Yes, I expect the child to grow but I’m not ready for the eye to eye contact part. Especially when I have to reprimand him for something.

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