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Her body became the house

Filled with the escapism's of life

She wanted to be free in her talent

Raw in her passion

But love and life’s emotions

Old souls living within

And modern life mixed in

Just didn’t work

She was humble with her game

Because fame

Was not more than her worth

Constant prying eyes

Every flick and click of a camera

Killed her more and more inside

The wrong love

Loved the disease to please

The efforts to become one with mutual empathy

She didn’t see what she was destined to be

The needs of others became their reason for her to be

Despite being past the era

Back to Black was no longer her thing

Pushed to the brink

Being forced to sing

Being used

Internally abused by herself

To lose what she was

And just wanting to be Amy

Be musically free

Feel, write and sing

What was within

Because that was her calling

There was too much she had to give

And the world wanted it too quick

She was supposed to seep slowly

Her rawness was not to be tamed, boxed or framed

Because that was not Amy


Copyright © Future Poet All rights reserved.

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