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For too long I've held this in

For too long I've held this in

And now it's time to break free

MS I want you to hear me

 I want you to know what you've done to me

You've trapped me

Hit me with fear like nothing has ever done before

You've grounded me

Made me feel weak

From a great height of life

You've made me fall

I hate you for what you've done

For every change you're making me make

For every wrong decision I've made in my weakness and submissiveness of you

"F*** you!" Is all I have to say

You've laid dormant for so long

And now is the time you choose to make your presence known

I've had to learn to walk again because of you

I've had to learn to feel again on my left side in spite of you

You're constantly leaving scars and lesions on my brain and my spine

And for that I hate you

Everyday I wake up there's a new a pain in a different place

All because of you!

I have never detested anything in my life as much as you!

You've broken me in every way possible

Driven me to places mentally, emotionally and physically that I  never ever dreamt I'd view

You've taken me to the brink of wanting to end it all

You've made my children become more independent for their age than they should

You've burdened me with guilt

Because at times I feel like I don't perform as a parent should

All because you make me physically and mentally incapable whenever you want to!

You spontaneously take the piss

And you make my day to day unpredictable

And for that, with every inch of me l hate you!

From the core of my being

I can tell you sincerely...


So f***you MS!

F*** you!

I'm gonna do me

So I dare you to try and do you

I control me not you

I've got a life to live

Children to raise

And goals to achieve

And I'm not accepting you

You're gonna have to accept me

So either back off or f*** off

The choice is yours

Choose one!


Copyright © Future Poet All rights reserved


For more information about Multiple Sclerosis please visit: www.mssociety.org.uk/what-is-ms

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