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We’re all seeking a simple solution

To rise from under the system

That’s an advocate of family separation

 And mental pollution

Financial destitution and emotional prostitution

Controlling the future of our youths them

Moulding and preparing them to become less than

What they are destined to be

Keeping under wraps their nations stolen legacy

Trapped in a society as debtors

The system the only collectors

But wait…

We’re paying twice and thrice

These streets were never paved with gold

But with blood from the tortures

That have tried to remain untold

A foundation laid, made and sustained by our forefathers

Remember the Windrush was a ship

Before it became a generational movement of souls

Yet today we shed blood over postcodes we still don’t own

Killing our brothers who we don’t know

Babylon’s line we continue to tow

They reap what we have sown

We’ve drifted from our cultural teachings

We were gifted with more than what we are being

We have shifted to become lower than the new migration of Europeans

Let’s bring back the old time styles

And values of Africa and the Caribbean

Let’s bring to the forefront humanities real beginnings

Let’s talk about the the Egyptians

And reason on the Sumerians

Let’s get article and original

With who are

And stop copying the watered down copied versions of what we were

We’re all seeking a simple solution to rise from under this system

but the only solution is dedication

To the education

Of the history of our sun kissed nations

An awareness of our power

and not our weakness in chains

We come from kings and queens

Emperors and Empresses

The history of Black people is impressive

Everything stems from the people with melanin

The world needs reminding

The systems needs an educational surprising

Knowledge is power

It is key to our uprising

As babylon offers no solutions

Just further confusions

To our thriving


Copyright © Future Poet All rights reserved. 

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