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Absent Parents

This is for mothers and fathers alike

As there are many of you absent in your children’s lives

Please don’t make your children false promises

Or buy them fancy things

To massage your ego

To make you feel like you’re doing the right thing

A child needs a parent

to get to know the other half of them

So the cancelled visits with no phone call to say so

Has your children losing trust in everything you say

Why should they give you chance after chance?

When you treat them this way

Too many children out there thinking and saying this

Doubting themselves

Because of the selfishness of your reluctance to commit

To building that relationship

That parent and child bond

No material item can replace that

It needs consistency

If it is to grow strong

Especially when the other parent is willilling

And encouraging the foundation of this love

Despite the questions, attitude, and emotions they have to deal with on your behalf


So absent parents please don’t take your children for granted

As they will grow up to be parents too

Check the examples your setting

Would you want your children to treat their children how you do?


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