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Moving Day

And she kept it moving

 Despite the pain that was burning a hole through her heart

She looked up at the sky

 Slightly wishing it would swallow her whole

But she held her head high

And continued with her journey

She knew if she stopped

And possibly looked back

That she might hesitate

Think twice, maybe thrice

One last chance of optimism, maybe

But she didn’t

She kept it moving

Tears streaming down inside

But she’s still smiling

In pretence of her pain

And her shame

That despite her best efforts

Her trying and giving her all

She couldn’t make it work

She had to start to value her own worth

Her emotional wellbeing became paramount

And had to come first

So she kept it moving

With her steps in days

First step anger

Second step regret

Third step disappointment

And grieving the fourth step

Fifth step self-blame

Sixth step self – reflection

Seventh step more pain and more shame

Eighth step back to self-blame

Ninth step recognition of self-worth

Tenth step strength begins to return

Lessons learnt born out of hurt

And so she keeps it moving

Day by day

One step at a time

She keeps it moving

Because she loves herself so much more

There is more to her that another could explore

She’s prepared to heal and love again

She knows within this world


Is her soul mate, her lover, her forever friend


Copyright ©Future Poet All rights reserved. 

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