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Scented Flowers

We love very different

I am hands on

You are very distant

Yet within us love exists

And persists

On pulling us together

To raise our family etc…

But we can't seem to keep it together

Communicate to be heard and understood

Trust that this relationship could

Stand the test of time

And be patient that it would

But over and over I can't help question

If I should

Continue to remain feeling I'm another woman's pain

Continue to feel that you put me in someone else's lane

Continue to take on self blame

For allowing you to cause me headache, heartache and shame

Personally I agreed with the universe

This relationship could have really worked

Had it had an honest beginning

There would be no room for negative thinking

Broken promises and trust

Forbidden questioning and lust

Blatant lies with smiles

Whilst all the while deceiving

Me into believing

That this time was forever

This time was ours

But once again it was all bullshit

Masked over with rose scented flowers


Copyright © Future Poet All rights reserved.


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