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Grieving Words

As a writer

The news of your passing

Left me with no words

I had no nouns, adjectives or verbs

To put together and vocally serve

As my response

To your sudden absence

From this earth

A curtain closed on me, inside

My memories of you and I crammed together

Suddenly I have flashbacks

Of spaces and places and faces with you

From my younger years

All rushing to my forefront

My emotional response

Numb and streams of tears

Because I'll never hear you laugh again

Or hear you talk with joy about your dreams of your ancestral home in country

That you were rebuilding

I'll never be able to share memories with you about your childhood

Mother, Father and siblings

That conversation we had is so precious to me now

As I remember you took so much probing

You were funny too Granny

Your humour was second to none

You had a different relationship with all of your grandchildren

To us, our Granny, Aunt Birdie, will always be a special one!

And your grandchildren will take care of your children

For them we will stay strong

The Jamaican lady,  Queen of one half of our bloodline

Has been released out of pain and called home

And in her lifetime she firmly left her mark on all of us whom she'd loved and known

And through us her characteristics, wisdom, stubbornness, strength , love and humility

Will continue to live on

We Love You Granny


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