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How do I say goodbye?

How do I say goodbye?

Well my last words were "I'll see you soon"

But I know they weren't true

As the word soon means a very long time should I want longevity 

So when I look at that great man

Who reigned so tall amongst us

In stature, character, and dominance 

A man who would laugh with his tongue between his teeth

A man whose mother tongue was so prominent in his speech 

A man who gave his grandchildren 'his medicine'

A man who taught me from a tv documentary there was always something you would learn

This man who would always say what was on his mind

And to only some would he show his softer side

A man who believed in traditional manners and respect 

He is one man in my life I will never forget 

So to see him so frail, speechless and in agony 

Breaks me to my core

But to see him so close to peace also has me torn

I wanted the suffering to leave him 

But that has me yearning to have him in his entirety 

Talking, smiling, laughing and standing tall

Grandad I miss you 

I've never said those words before

I wish I could rewind time 

To when I'd see you at home or just give you a call

You and Granny are together now

This 10 years is the longest time you've spent apart

So please look over your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren

As from our memories and hearts 

You'll never be far


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