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 What do you do with that feeling?

How do you respond to that action?

Why? Is always the question when this happens

There are no comforting words

When it’s coupled with silence

No one but the rejector

Can suppress the violence

Of emotions that arise within

As everything that once was is now missing

All because of rejection

From the person that was once receiving your loving

Rejection with words is hard to swallow

But rejection with silence

Makes it hard to breathe

Stuck in a time frame with feelings of hurt

Deceit and disbelief

Your mind scrambled with confusion

Whilst you replay your last few conversations

Self-blame takes over

Whilst you ask yourself question after question

Heartache becomes a prevalent part of your daily emotion

But at some point

In order to move on

It has to be accepted

You, your person, character, love, feelings and emotions

Were rejected

But just remember

What wasn’t for you

Has taught you or saved you

From something….


Copyright © Future Poet  All rights reserved. 

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