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 For him you gave birth

So naturally your love for him will come first

You’re the woman that quenches his thirst

Relaxes his mind

Makes him feel superior and fine

You’ve helped to make him excel and shine

Yet when he crosses that thin line between love and hate

And starts to become your enemy instead of your mate

You allow him to think its okay

You allow him to treat your temple in the wrong way

You allow him to think “sorry” is all he has to say

Because tomorrow he’ll be a better man

Because tomorrow is a new day

But you know and I know

Tomorrow will be the same


The same voice that whispered sweet nothings in your ear

Will be used as a weapon to have you frozen with fear

And the same hands that undress you, touch you, feel you and caress you

Will hit you, punch you, beat you and mistreat you

The same dick that pleases you and teases you

Will forcefully penetrate you and rape you

And the same man that needs you, wants you, adores you and completes you

Will dislike you, hate you, despise you and will want to see your demise


While tears fall from your children’s eyes

They’re hearing your screams of terror

Feeling the pain from your cries

How much more can Mummy endure

Daddy please don’t hit Mummy no more

In your home you should feel secure

Not hiding behind a locked bathroom door


Sister this mister’s not for you

I’ve told you a million times before

His words of “I love you” are untrue to the meaning taken by me and you

There’s no love without pain

But love doesn’t condone blows that rain

Love doesn’t hurt you because you complain

Love doesn’t desert you and tell you you’re to blame

In love you should not lose

You should only gain


Sister this mister’s not for you

I’m sorry to say

But love just doesn’t hurt you and treat you in this way


 Copyright © Future Poet  All rights reserved.


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