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The Rising of Our Falling

  How many of us are at the bottom of the sea 

Dead bodies thrown overboard

Their battered souls finally free

 No more beatings, no more chains

No more hurting from human on human

Barbaric merciless mistreating

That was once our ancestor’s way of life

Under the restraints of slavery’s strife

And yet they struggled

And held their head high

Their strength released their spirit

Which allowed their souls to fly

And they survived

They made a stand in numbers

And fought for their rights

They freed their lives

Which is how we eventually came to rise


But now with years lived

We are falling from the makings of our own demise

Tear’s our mother’s cry

While undertaker’s smile, as their profits rise

Society sighs, stereotypes form

All black youths are wild


That is not the case

If the truth be known

Their identity seems to be misplaced

They give up too easy

Can’t be bothered with the chase

Tired of being misjudged

By the race of their face

Forgetting that tune has been over played

Because if there is the will

Then there always is a way


You see it’s the contents of their minds

That needs to be underlined

It’s what they view with their own eyes

At home in their private lives

Away from the world’s eyes

Not too mention the other sights

On the box of tell-lie-vision

That comes from a cable or via the sky


Our children are having children

And becoming confused by their quick rush of life

Wanting to be as old as they look

Before they are mentally wise

Too eager to make it on their own

Regardless of wrong or right

Then turning to a hustler’s life of grime

Becoming a gun owner or victim of its crime

A drug dealer or user

Constantly trying to get high


As adults we need not criticise, but sympathise

‘Fore they are not like us, their culture is westernised

It’s guidance that they seek

To change the course of their lives

And not all our youths are bad

So I won’t generalise

But we need to come together as one

To stop our people from dying

We’ve buried too many in too little time

And we’ve made it this far down our ancestry line

With our own businesses and such

And hopes and dreams that come alive

We can help to better another person’s way of life

Give some moral support, a few words of friendly advice

It’s what we need to do if our race is to ever survive

We need to show more love for each other

To eradicate the rise in our demise


 Copyright © Future Poet  All rights reserved. 

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