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My Regrets

 No matter how I try to explain

Or try and word the situation in a different way

My mistake still remains the same

 I can say no more

I know I’m to blame

I want to say ‘sorry’

But it seems so cliché

It’s like the word ‘love’

It means so much and so little

Depending on how or when you say it

But the depth of my regret

Requires more than one word to express

I hurt you, I know

I didn’t think, I know

My act was wrong, I know

The sorrow I have hangs my head in shame

And has my spirit low

And I’ve nothing to show

Other than the pain and anger

That your aura flows

And I don’t blame you

Because I am the cause

I’ve disappointed you

And upset you

But please believe

These words I say are true

From the depth of my soul

The valley’s of my mind

The bottom of my heart

And the root of my pride

I regret my wrongdoing and I’m sorry

I should have seen it from your side


Copyright © Future Poet  All rights reserved.

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