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 Time is said to be a healer

And to make the heart grow fonder

Time is money 

 It is a journey through life

Time never stops running

And can never be stopped

But yours can

And when it does time itself will still be running

Time waits for no -one

When you think of time you’re either on or you’re late

But nothing runs according to the speed of time

Other than what has never been touched by mankind

Time is a dictation and definition of how we live

Time runs us and we live life unknown as to when time itself will stop

Time brings experience and experience teaches wisdom

Time is not to be wasted or to be reckoned with

It’s to be appreciated

And to be used creatively, passionately and wisely


Time is life....


“Everyday we’re given 86400 seconds of what we refer to as time. This is my observation of this precious commodity.” 


Copyright © Future Poet All rights reserved.

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