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Music Is...

Music is…

The beat of the drum

The equalized rhythm of the treble and bass

 It intensifies your soul

Regardless of your musical taste


Music is…

The pleasurable sound of stretched strings

Be it by strumming or plucking

A guitar’s acoustic or bass strings

Or drawing a bow across a cello bass or violin


Music is…

The strength of breath used to create

The soulful sensual sound of a saxophone

Trombone, clarinet, or trumpet

The sound of the blues from these Woodwinds

Is the sound that you will get.


Music is…

The synchronized tapping of fingers

On keys of a forte or mezzo piano

Accompanied by the vocals of a contralto or soprano

Collaborated with the harmonized sounds of percussion

Giving your ears nothing more than the entertaining sound of musical perfection


Music deepens the soul

It stimulates the mind

Music reaches the parts mankind can’t

Music is every note, every stanza, every key

Music is in you and music is in me.


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