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Black Warriors

No more can I stand to see

Black warriors falling like leaves

From the branches of life's autumn trees

 Part of me just refuses to believe

They've lost their bond

The connection of their conception

The reason why they were conceived

Through time's course it seems

They've subconsciously detached their souls from their inherited inner peace and essence

Some have chosen to live amongst Babylon as thieves, murders and peasants

Even though history tells us

The world would not be

If not for our ingenious presence

"Western life is hard!" Some warriors cry

"There's just no other way!"

Simply because that's what Babylon has shown them and told them

So that is what they will say

But every man, woman and child was born with an inner voice

And when they hear it

If they listen or not

Is really their choice

But if we, as a people, are to continue to rise from slavery's

Deaths, chains, rapes and beatings

Then we need to drop Babylon's demoralizing teachings

We need to know our history from its highest heights

To its deepest dwellings

We need to remember we are

Not was, inventors

Of some of the world's greatest things

We need to study and take heed of our ancestor's teachings

Adopt them and intertwine them with how we are now living

Right now Babylon's people have nothing they need to claim

Centuries have passed and they are still playing the same game

Which is solely directed at the Black Warriors brain

They've prepared and planned

To mentally weaken and drain

The pride, dignity, courage and strength that flows through our warriors veins

Imagine, we are years into the millennium

And many warriors still don't know their last name

But how can they know where they are going

If they have no idea where they came from

Living under Babylon's reign

Will only make our warriors weak, not strong

That's why 'acknowledgement of self'

Is what we need to teach our youths

Because the whole of the world's history stems from the Black Warriors roots!


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