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 For him you gave birth

So naturally your love for him will come first

You’re the woman that quenches his thirst

Published in Nostalgia

And she kept it moving

 Despite the pain that was burning a hole through her heart

She looked up at the sky

Published in Talking Heart

 What do you do with that feeling?

How do you respond to that action?

Why? Is always the question when this happens

Published in Loss

How do I say goodbye?

Well my last words were "I'll see you soon"

But I know they weren't true

Published in Loss

As a writer

The news of your passing

Left me with no words

Published in Loss

 You never got the chance to right your wrongs

To be forgiven for your actions

To be understood as true

Published in Loss

You wonder why I’m silent

And assume I have negative thoughts

You wonder why I’ve stopped sharing

Published in Food For Thought

He pursued me with his words

 He acted on each and every verb

That he served with his lips

Published in Talking Heart


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